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Landowner News - Hunting Lease How-To's

By Troy Langan, Vice President of Hunting Lease Network

Hunting Lease How-To's

If you’re a landowner with hunting ground available for lease, you may be sitting on a valuable opportunity to generate passive income. With more than 200,000 registered members searching for high-quality hunting ground across the U.S. on our Hunting Lease Network, hunters are willing to pay top dollar for exclusive hunting leases.

Benefits for the Landowner

The primary benefit landowners cite to leasing their hunting ground is the passive income, which can help landowners pay for things like property taxes on the hunting ground, generating upwards of thousands of dollars a year.

Desirability for the Hunter

Many hunting leases are for year-round use for all legal game, with deer being the most sought-after game. But allowing turkey hunting or waterfowl hunting on property along with deer hunting can boost the value of the hunting ground and spur an increase in the lease amount.

How We Help

At Farmers National Company, our online auction-style bidding platform allows individuals or hunting groups interested in a property the ability to bid and get the lease. Our special bidding platform also generates the true market value of the lease.

In addition to marketing and negotiating the lease for you, we also collect payment and help you establish rules for accessing and using your private property. A hunting lease also helps prevent trespassing from unwanted visitors.

Farmers National Company sets up hunting liability insurance for our landowner clients, making sure this key component is in place and ready to go before any hunter steps foot on the property. We require hunters carry $2 million in hunting liability insurance and provide proof of insurance before gaining access to your land.

If You’re the Hunter
Hunters interested in obtaining exclusive hunting rights to land in their area should check out our “Free Membership” database to search for a match. By using a hunting lease through our Hunting Lease Network, you’ll find the perfect property for your hunting sport that’s safe, uncrowded, and set aside just for you with a fair market leasing price. We also have franchise opportunities for hunters interested in an outdoor business opportunity.

If leasing out your ground for exclusive hunting excursions sounds like an investment opportunity you’d like to consider, Farmers National Company can help. Contact us today for a free evaluation at www.HuntingLeaseNetwork.com.